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Gears Redux by mchollis89 Gears Redux :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 2 0 Re: Clearance by mchollis89 Re: Clearance :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 3 1
Appleloosa's Most Wanted Review
Appleloosa's Most Wanted
Written by Dave Polsky
Now, before we begin, let me say right now, that I am of the belief that, when it comes to stories, there is no such thing as a bad idea. It all depends on how it's carried out.  Simple, and maybe even cliched ideas can work well if given the right spin and taken to the right places. Take a look at this show, for example. At it's core, it is pastel colored ponies going through life and learning a lesson or two- animated with Adobe Flash; remember how that went last time? If placed in the right hands, even the worst sounding of concepts can prove to be gems. Of course, whether or not the writer succeeds in this regard is subjective. Can Dave Polsky pull off an episode billed as the CMC chasing down a notorious outlaw in search of their cutie marks? Let's Find out.
We cold-open in Appleloosa, which is putting the finishing touches on a rodeo. Apple Bloom is
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0
Tanks for the Memories Review
Tanks for the memories
Written by Cindy Morrow
    Two things off the bat. First off, I am an impatient man; I suck up any information I can get on upcoming episodes of shows that I like; I read the synopsis of this episode, and I'm sure everyone else did as well. We all knew what this was going to tackle. We're going to see if it succeeds. I was a little weary coming into this, considering our last venture into a real world topic. This brings me to the second not, Cindy Morrow. I don't hate her, nor do I consider her a bad writer. She penned episodes for the third season of Dexter's Lab, classic episodes of the Power Puff Girls, and one of my favorite episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends- to name just a few! Let's not forget her work in Friendship is Magic: Hurricane Fluttershy, Sisterhooves Social, Read it and Weep- also to name a few. Unfortunately, of her run in Dexter's Lab was largely unimpressive- then again, so was jus
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0
Bloom and Gloom Review
Bloom and Gloom
Written By Josh Haber
We start off with Apple Bloom calling to order and emergency meeting of the CMC Club. She got a letter from Babs Seed saying... that she got her cutie mark? Yes, Babs Seed's flank is no longer blank. It is now adorned with a pair of scissors; they are tipped with red, apple shaped ring-handles, one having a little green stem. Given Sweetie Belle's recounting of her messing with her bangs, her talent is likely in mane/taile styling.
Unfortunately, this means that since she has her cutie mark, she can't be a CMC; you can't Crusade for your Cutie Mark if you already have it, after all. While our fillies are happy for Babs, this gets them thinking about their own cutie marks, but in a different way. They always took for granted that they'd receive their Cutie Marks at the same time, but now they're considering something they hadn't before: What if they don't? What happens w
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0
Castle Sweet Castle Review
Castle Sweet Castle
Written by Johanna Lewis and Kristine Songco.
            We open to see  a dirtied Twilight helping Fluttershy with cleaning her animals. We see that she clearly doesn't want to leave for whatever reason. She even goes so far to kick Angel in a mud puddle so she can clean him up as an excuse to stay longer. Oh, the look on Angel's face. Fare thee well Princess Twilight. May your death be quick and painless.
            After the intro, we are treated to an over dried, fluffed Angel. Fluttershy points out that Twilight was there all day, and tries to hint- in her typical way- that perhaps Twilight should head home. She gets the hint, but thinks of helping Pinkie and flies off (I'm still getting used to that).
            We fade to the next morning with The Six chow
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 1 0
My MLP OC by mchollis89 My MLP OC :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 2 0 Gearshaudes by mchollis89 Gearshaudes :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0
Ms. Dale Ch. 11
After the chaos and crowds died down, Dale found herself in the middle of the dance floor, in Chip's arms. She looked up into Chip's eyes, and he looked down, into hers. Dale had never took the time to notice, but Chip was taller than her, now. Somehow, that made her want him even more. She was jarred out of her thoughts when she felt Chip move in a swaying motion, trying to take her with him- wanted to dance! Dale looked around, and saw that those who weren't already looking them were stealing long peaks- the guys, especially. Dale blushed and hid her face in Chip's chest.
“Chip,” she whispered. “Everyone's looking at us.”
“Let them,” Chip smiled. “You do look-” He caught himself before he said that final word. “Nice.”
    “Nice,” Dale repeated, with a dejected look. “I look 'nice'?” That look told Chip immediately that he stepped in it.
    “No, no,” Chip corrected hims
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 1
Ms. Dale Ch. 10
Dale sighed and hugged herself as she watched the grinning, giant, golden, cat atop the old tuna canning factory, as it approached. Before long, the Ranger Wing was sitting right in front of it. It was freshly polished, so it gleamed with an almost erie light manner in the moonlight; but its age still showed, giving it a very intimidating air about it. Memories of her time there didn't help things at all. In fact, they only made them worse, and still it was obvious that there was something else the matter as well. Chip brought Dale in close and held her.
   “It's okay, Dale,” he said. “I'll be right here to protect you. We'll all be.”
   Dale looked at Monterrey and Gadget who wholeheartedly agreed. “Thanks, but it's not that,” Dale said, leaning back into Chip's embrace.
   “What is it then,” Monterrey asked.
   “Well, It's just that it's been a while since anyone from here's seen me,”
:iconmchollis89:mchollis89 1 0
Draw This Again: Love by the Tail by mchollis89 Draw This Again: Love by the Tail :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0 Draw This Again: Clearance by mchollis89 Draw This Again: Clearance :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 0 0
Mature content
Ms. Dale Ch. 9 :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 1 6
Love By the Tail by mchollis89 Love By the Tail :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 1 0 Clearance by mchollis89 Clearance :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 2 1
Mature content
Ms. Dale Chapter Eight :iconmchollis89:mchollis89 1 3


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Not much to say accept I'm a furry who grew up in Texas. I'm a Brony and a Sonic Fan.

Maybe I'll post some of my crappy drawings up here. >:3


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